About us

Through our large capacity we dare to say we are different.







We try to be a handrail for the vulnerable children and women as they ascend into a better life

Our Projects

Our Expertise

We have experties in a wide range of humanitarian and technical departments.

Throughout the time we have been in business, we have worked in projects from different clusters and with different needs, and we have opened new departments to ensure the best services for our beneficiaries and a convenient workflow to out partners

provision of required services to destitute people is not a task of charity, rather an act of humanity and justice.

- Salah Y. Majid

Our Partners

We are proud of our partners

Each year, we work with a number of partners, donors and in consortiums. We are honored to be in partnership with them

Our Office

Head Quarter
+964 773 697 1165
Australia St/Media Quarter, 99448 Duhok, KRI-Iraq