International Sports Day (Husseniya Football Tournament) - 2024

Harikar NGO held a football tournament in Husseniya as part of the Internation Sprts Day celebration.

By Muhammed Ali in Husseniya | 15th April, 2024 | English

International Sports Day (Husseniya Football Tournament) - 2024

Harikar's outreach and Communicating with Communities (CwC) component, as part of the Protection and Assistance program for refugees and IDPs in Duhok-Iraq project, implemented by Harikar with UNHCR's support, held a football tournament in Husseniya, starting at the 6th of April, as part of International Sports Day. The tournament consisted of 8 teams from Husseniya, Mala Brwan, and Daretoo. The final match was between 2 Husseniya teams held on the 15th of April in Husseniya. In the final match, football kits, medals, and cups were distributed for their efforts.


  • Bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds to promote unity, cooperation through sports and teamwork.
  • Celebrate sports and it's diversity within the community.
  • Help the participants to enhance their teamwork and leadership skills through competitive sports.


  • Empowered youth them with leadership skills, discipline, and a sense of belonging within their communities.
  • Through sports events, participants exchange cultural values, traditions, and experiences, promoting mutual understanding, and appreciation for diversity.
  • Provide a platform for interaction and integration between different groups within the community, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

In conclusion, this International Sports Day football tournament, organized by Harikar's outreach and CwC program, serves as a prime example of the programs impactful work. By fostering community spirit, and celebrating cultural diversity through sports, Harikar empowers community to thrive. Through their dedication to such initiatives, Harikar goes beyond basic needs provision, fostering a sense of belonging and opportunity for a brighter tomorrow. The CwC program ensures effective communication with the community, ensuring their needs and aspirations are central to such events.