Increasing the roles of the community leaders for supporting women and girls for better access to GBV serveces in Nineveh

Aug 2022

Feb 2023






Target Beneficiaries


Project Summary

Harikar in partnership with UNICEF aims to ensure that women and girls affected by violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation have access to appropriate GBV assistance through comprehensive case management, awareness-raising sessions, psychosocial support interventions, and vocational training. Moreover, Harikar will try to increase the role of the community in the prevention of GBV by targeting Schools-Based Management (SBM), community leaders, and government staff to build their GBV capacity and to identify girls and women who require specialized services. The project services will also include COVID-19 key messages to mitigate the protracted psychological challenges GBV survivors and other vulnerable groups continue to face.

Project Objectives

  • Lifesaving, age appropriate GBV case management and PSS services are available to women and children in, Zummar, Shekhan, and in west Mosul city.
  • Improved community engagement, mobilization, and risk mitigation to increase the protective environment for women and children

Project Activities

  • Support functional static women and Adolescent girls’ centers
  • Recreational activities for children under 18
  • Establish access to virtual safe space for Girls/ women
  • Providing GBV case management services for girls and women
  • Structured PSS program for women and girls using the AG toolkit, women speak-out and the women rise curriculum.
  • Providing one-day PSS session such as yoga, meditation, anger control, match, movie day for women, girls, and boys.
  • Capacity building training on GBV /SEA prevention and referral including associated risks for government staff, and community leaders
  • Number of awareness-raising sessions on GBV prevention or response, PSEA, associated risks for girls, boys, women, and men
  • Vocational training (including sewing, hair dressing, pastry making, ..etc) for girls and women
  • Communities Care initiative sessions for girls, boys, women, and men.

Contact info

Sparwa Shamoel