IRQ SIDA Major Hum 2022

Mar 2022

Mar 2023






Target Beneficiaries


Project Summary

Harikar NGO in partnership with Save the Children is implementing a project funded by SIDA. This project strives to support and protect most vulnerable conflict affected displaced boys, girls and their caregivers in Duhok through integrated protection MHPSS and livelihoods. .

Project Objectives

  • Hard to reach girls and boys with child protection concerns and risks and their families and caregivers have access to inclusive and gender sensitive protective environment.
  • Young people including CAAFAG and their parents/caregivers have access to immediate basic needs through Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) and income generation from safe and dignified employment or self- employment opportunities that support personal growth and reintegration into society.
  • Youth initiatives, local partners, community leaders, authorities and other duty bearers develop and strengthen policies and systems that strengthen social cohesion

Project Activities

  • Case Management service
  • SPSS activities (child resilience, youth resilience and HEART)
  • PwV ( parents without violence) for parents and disabilities families
  • Multipurpose cash Assistance and cash for protection
  • Life skills training
  • vocational training
  • Business grants
  • Aprenticiship service for youth
  • Cash for protection Home based MHPSS awarness sessions

Contact info

Dunia Sami