Management capacity and membership:

Names of Board members and professional background

5 Members

Identify current governmental figures inside Board of Directors

  1.  Badal Ali Dosky, Engineer

Number of employees

13 employees (5 staff are working in part time)

Number of volunteers Around 25 volunteers

List of administrative staff position inside the organization.

  • Programme Coordinator.

  • Finance Officer

  • Admin Officer

  • Logistic Officer

  • Legal Consultant

  • Legal Consultant (Female)

  • Media Officer (Public Information Officer)

  • Social Officer

  • ITC

  • Harikar Representative in Erbil

  • Messenger

  • Driver

  • Cleaner/ Tea Maker

Executive Board of Harikar

  • Programme Coordinator (chairman)

  • Admin Officer (member)

  • Finance Officer (member)