NGO Profile

Organization name: Harikar NGO

Date of establishment: March 03, 2004


Registration status in Iraq (date, authority)

1.         Ministry of Interiors; Registration #: 4862, date; 30/5/2004

2.         Ministry of  Humanitarian Aid and Cooperation; Registration #: 160, date; 29/9/2004


Geographical areas of intervention:

Dohuk, Erbil and Musel governorates.


Main Objectives:

  1. The organization is founded with the purpose of developing civil society through establishing an open space for all ethnic groups living within the borders of the country. The space is open for co-ordination with the other international and local non-governmental organizations.
  2. In order to fulfill its objectives, but not to be limited to, the organization would undertake the following activities:
    • Co-operation in the areas of reconstruction, relief and humanitarian aid.
    • Special attention would be paid to the human rights, as regards to equity between males and females, maternity, childhood, extreme poor/ disadvantaged and vulnerable children through organizing awareness courses on the civil rights and establishing connection channels with the universities and educational institutes in close co-ordination with the concerned local departments.
    • Participation in the improvement of food security through supporting the income generation projects towards promotion of self-reliance.
    • Participation in the improvement of education through promotion of girls’ education and organizing teaching methodology development courses for teachers, provision of education materials and exchange of information.
    • Participation in upgrading of the medical services with focus on the mothers’/children’s health and nutrition; through organizing training/awareness for the medical staff, provision of materials and exchange of information in close co-ordination with the concerned local departments.
    • Participation in the development of supply of potable water and proper sanitation through supporting and implementation of new projects and maintenance of the existing projects, especially in rural areas, and organizing awareness courses on water handling and conservation.
  3. The organization shall implement its projects and undertake activities in co-ordination with the concerned government departments.

Main areas of work (sectors):

Development of Civil society, Protection of Child, youth and Women rights.


Definition of Harikar

Harikar is a neutral, non-governmental humanitarian organization, non-profit, which believes that in every aspect of life, priority must be given to children and women. It commits itself to ensure particular protection for the very disadvantaged children and women in the field of education and health.


Main services provided:

Capacity Building ((Administration, Finance and writing proposal trainings, monitoring of human right in general and Women and Child  in particular ), Community Awareness on federalism, constitution, democracy,  Social Services…….., provision of legal advice and information to IDPs, Refugees,  conduction of different types of surveys, Monitoring and Evaluation, Play consultative role for some NGO in Iraq.



List topics of training received and training providers:

Training name No. Of training
Inside country Outside Total
A. Training received:
1.  Human right 3 3
2.  proposal writing 3 3 3
3.  Women right 3 3 6
4.  Child right 3 4 7
5.  TOT on Human right and capacity building 2 3 5
6.  Election Monitoring Workshop 3 3
7.  Networking training 2 2
8.  Establishment of Coalition network 3 3
9.  Monitoring Violence of human right 4 4
10. Management 3 3
11. Finance 3 3
B. Provided trainings
1. Child protection training 7 7
2. Visitor friendly office training 14 14
3. Women right 8 8
4. Proposal Writing 3 3
5. management 3 3
6. Budgeting preparation 2 2
7. Capacity building on monitoring human rights 4 4
8. Role of CSOs in social development 3 3
9. Democracy 17 17
10. Constitution 5 5
11. Federalism 10 10




Network(s) to which the organization belongs and number of member organizations in each

  1. AINDA (for monitoring of Election through Media)
  2. EIN (Monitoring the election process)
  3. ICRN (Iraqi Child Right Net)
  4. IKNN (NGO Coordination)
  5. NCCI (NGO Coordination)
  6. MAF
  7. Satellite Center (NGO Coordination in Dohuk)
  8. Kafa (Child and Youth Rights)
  9. CCFE (Civil Coalition for Free Election).
  10. Adala for prison rights.
  11. Federation of NGOs in Dohuk.



Projects / Activities currently run by the organization (titles, location)

  1. Protection and Assistance Center (PAC), in Dohuk governorate.
  2. Women right (We have differences, but we are equal), in Dohuk governorate.

List all institutional donors contributing to the organization’s program since creation

UNDP-UNOPS-SCF-ICSP-UNHCR-IRD, IRI, Arab Institute Human Right,


Relevant facts of Harikar NGO

Harikar NGO is specialized with (provision of training, workshops, surveys, capacity building, Advocacy, Education, Documentation, Media, proposal writing, social and community awareness).