Mission Statement

Harikar is a neutral non-governmental humanitarian organization, which believes that in every aspect of life priority must be given to children and women.

It commits itself to ensure particular protection for the very disadvantaged children and women, such as children who are born with chronic/abnormal diseases, disabled children, children with extreme poverty, victims of war and widows as well as woman headed families.

Harikar assists in upgrading of the health service and promotion of technical cooperation, and –within the available resources- to promote/develop the infrastructure of the basic services. It also looks forward to participate- within its resources- in the process of rebuilding of the new Iraq.

In close coordination with the other specialized agencies, Harikar assists in the improvement of nutrition, recreation, economic and other aspects of environmental hygiene.

Harikar believes that education is a fundamental right and works towards its promotion; in this aspect, it strives towards ensuring basic education for all children irrespective of gender, religion, race and ethnicities.

Harikar works with all national and international organizations as well as government bodies towards the realization of the sustainable human development objectives and contributes towards the achievement of the vision of peace and social progress.