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  Project NameIraqi Child day celebration
  Funding SourceHarikar/Kurdistan Social Association
  Starting Date01/06/2008
  Ending Date03/06/2008
  Project NameWorkshop on Non discrimination among children and their right in Education
  Funding SourceHarikar/ Arab Institute for Human right
  Starting Date11/06/2007
  Ending Date11/06/2007
  Project NameMobile Theatre on Child Rights
  Funding SourceHarikar/SCF
  Starting DateAugust 2006
  Ending DateOctober 2006
  Project NameTraining workshop on child rights based programming
  Funding SourceHarikar/SCF
  Starting DateAugust 2006
  Ending DateSeptember 2006
  Project NamePromotion of Child Rights through Arts Drawing Exhibition.
  Funding SourceHarikar/SCF
  Starting Date01/04/2006
  Ending Date20/04/2006
  Project NameMobile Puppet Theater To Promote Child Right in Rural Areas
  Funding SourceICSP/ Harikar
  Starting Date05/04/2006
  Ending Date06/05/2006